Thursday, September 11, 2014

Botox, round 2

I mentioned a couple posts ago that Allie's physiatrist recommended that she get Botox again in her leg.  She suggested that we think about it and would put us in the scheduling queue in case we decided in favor of it.  We have been thinking about it but we never really discussed it in detail. I had pushed the decision off and had pretty much forgotten about it.  Imagine my surprise when the Children's Hospital scheduling person called, offered us a spot, and said that he needed an answer immediately or he was going to offer the spot to someone else.  

Luckily Jonathan and I were in the car together on the way home from a meeting with Allie's teachers (more on that to follow).  I said I would call him right back.  After all of a 30 second discussion, I called and scheduled Allie for sedated Botox on September 30th.

We're cautiously optimistic that this will help even out her gait a little.  We shall see. 

Now, back to the meeting with Allie's teachers.  We try to meet with Allie's new teachers at the beginning of the school year to give them an overview of her medical history, what it means for her life in the school, and make it clear that they can ask for our help whenever they need it.  We went through the whole story of the stroke, the cerebral palsy, and the therapy. They looked a little terrified.  I looked over at Jonathan and he had this waiting look like I was forgetting a big part of the story.  I paused... then remembered: epilepsy!  I had somehow completely neglected perhaps the most traumatic part of Allie's medical history.  Even when talking about it now it seems like that happened to someone else.

Allie has emergency seizure medication at school in case she has a prolonged seizure there, so this was an especially important part of the story for her teachers to know.  Knock on wood, she's never had a prolonged seizure and has been seizure free for 2.5 years now.  She still takes daily medication and will for a while.  It's funny (and kind of nice) that I've seemingly omitted the whole thing from memory.

In other news, Allie got a new bike from her Gama and Papa.  She loves it, although she may need a lesson in stopping...

We all went on a longish ride yesterday and we could tell how much it wore her out.  It seems like the perfect balance of difficult but rewarding.  I'm a fan.  

Little Andrew is still being a wonderful baby.  He's just over two months old now, happy as can be, a good eater, and a good sleeper.  There may be a little tension between Allie and him but---with the exception of when I set him on her bed and she screamed "Get IT off my bed!"---she's handling it pretty well.

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  1. I thought it was adorable when I asked if I could hold him and she said "Sure….but don't drop him!"