Friday, August 29, 2014

The kids at school

Andrew has been spending a few hours at school during his three days a week slot and Allie is enjoying her full-day 4 days a week schedule.

Andrew's class has 6 spots but only he and two of the other kids have made an appearance so far.  He really seems to like the teachers (one of whom used to take care of Allie during her first year there) and hasn't had any trouble adjusting.  It makes me feel good that he likes it there since he'll be spending more time there once my maternity leave ends at the end of September.

Allie really likes her new class too.  One thing I've noticed is that the activities are significantly more advanced than they were last year.  The kids have to find and circle their own names on a wall sign in are their free time activities are more challenging (for example, stringing small beads to make jewelry, cutting pictures out of magazines to make collages, etc.).  It makes me appreciate that they transition classes because I hadn't realized that Allie had outgrown some of the default activities and these new ones push her to expand her fine and gross motor skills.  So far she's doing great and is so proud of a necklace she made the other day.  

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