Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Gymnastics

Allie continued her gymnastics exploration today at a local gymnastics center during their open gym.  We'd been to this center before to meet with a physical therapist who works there but this time our in-home county PT met us there to facilitate some gymnastics play.  Jonathan has been working some crazy hours lately so he was able to take off the afternoon and meet us at the gymnastics center.  Allie was so surprised to see her daddy and wanted to show him all the cool stuff she could do.  I was happy because he was able to hang out with Andrew so I could play with Allie. 

We only got photos of some of the cool things that Allie was doing, but the rings were one of the first things she wanted to try.  Look at her hold herself up with two hands!!!  She could only hold it for a second or two at a time but I was so thrilled that she wanted to try and that she was able to hold on so well with Righty.

She also worked on the balance beam.  Balance is difficult for her because the right-sided weakness throws off her center of gravity and makes it hard for her to hold herself up on just her right leg.  But, look at her rock it.  She doesn't love the balance beam but at least she's willing to try it.

Her favorite gym activity was the long trampoline that she got to run down and then jump into a giant foam pit.  I think we spent half the time there doing this activity over and over again. 

Once our gym time was up, we all went out for lunch and Allie had her first milkshake.  She LOVED it.

I asked Allie which of the two gymnastics classes that she liked first.  I was really hoping that she liked the open gym more because it's a drop in when you feel like it kind of commitment versus the super expensive 12-week class.  Much to my disappointment, she preferred the real class.  (She indicated which class she liked by saying "I liked the one with the boy with the hair" and then she held her pointer finger along her upper lip to signify a mustache.  The primary teacher had some pretty intense facial hair going on and it clearly made an impression on Allie.)  The class that she liked is only available during weekdays, which won't work with her regular schedule.  But now I know that she prefers the class structure to the open gym.  I have two more class options that I'm considering so more gymnastics trials to come!  

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