Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Sister Party

Big Sister
One of Allie's friends from school threw her a big sister party to celebrate her admission to the big sibling club.  It was such a great idea and she had a blast! They had a bounce house set up in their basement and the kids basically ran around for two plus hours, bouncing between games outside, toys inside, and the beloved bounce house.  They then had pizza and watched and cheered for Allie as she was presented with a bright pink Big Sister sash.  All this was then followed by cake and ice cream.  Could things be any better?  She loved all the attention and is so proud to be a big sister.

Aside from the cool party, we have been enjoying some time at the local splash park.

When we were there this weekend, Allie saw some older girls doing gymnastics on the lawn.  She was in awe of them and started trying to do the moves on her own.  I was amazed at how much she could do and how motivated she was.  I'm now looking to get the girl into gymnastics ASAP.

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