Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maternity Photos

One of the things I regret about my pregnancy with Allie was not taking any photos of myself while pregnant.  Here is my single "I'm about to have a baby photo" during my pregnancy with Allie.

You've got to love the fresh out of the shower wearing a stripped shirt that kind of hurts your eyes snapshot.  If it weren't for my friend Lisa's insistence that I take this one photo and send it to her, I wouldn't have any.

I was determined to take more pictures this time around.  But all of the sudden, we are 3 days out from having the baby and I still hadn't taken any.  Jonathan, Allie, and I decided to take advantage of the great weather to head to the park and snap a few this morning.  Here they are.

Waiting for Allie to join me.
Who can compete with a whole playground of fun?

Kissing Baby Brother.

Posing on the rock mound.

Walking down the hill.  This is our sledding hill that Allie loves so much.

High fives on the slide.
We then went down the slide, which was a less than graceful event for me and is not to be repeated any time soon.

Kisses for the photographer.  


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for these. You look AAAAAMAZING!!!