Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introducing Andrew Jonathan

Our son Andrew Jonathan was born on Tuesday July 8th, weighing 8 lbs 5 oz and measuring in at 20 inches long.  He is happy and healthy, and we're all back home getting used to being a family of four.  

Jonathan's mom Bonnie kindly came out to help with Allie while we were in the hospital.  Because of Allie's stroke, I had a planned c-section to minimize the stress on the baby.  It was nice having a specific end date in mind and we built up July 8th to Allie as her "Big Sister Day". 

Bonnie snapped a few photos of our family of three right before we left for the hospital.  

As soon as Andrew was born and we were moved to the recovery room, Allie and Bonnie got to visit.  She was very intrigued by her baby brother and thrilled with the presents he got her for her Big Sister Day (a kite and an excavator, aka "a digger!").

But I think Allie's favorite part of the hospital visit was playing in the movable bed with Daddy.

We got to come home a day earlier than expected and Tom, Jonathan's dad, came to visit for a couple days.  Allie was so happy to spend some time with Papa.

So far, Allie and Andrew are getting along well.  She's a little whiny but she really wants to help with baby activities like feeding him and finding his pacifier.  I think she'll be a good big sister.

And now, we're a family of four. 

Thanks again to Bonnie and Tom for all their help.

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