Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Bath

Andrew had his first bath tonight.  He was a champ and I had major flashbacks to when Allie was a little baby.  They look so similar! 

Allie helped us with the bath and was so excited about it.

Much to my surprise, Andrew didn't cry at all.  Allie screamed like the world was ending throughout her first bath.


Allie (we just did her hand and foot ink prints)
Overall, it was a bath success.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gender politics, the preschool version

"This is what I wear to work... like Daddy.'"

Now that Allie has a little brother, she has been very interested in the differences between girls and boys.  We often list off people we know and Allie tries to determine if the person in question is a girl or a boy.  For a while, she had a hard time figuring out why there was a difference but she's pretty good at correctly identifying girls and boys now.

She and I were sitting at the dining table while she very slowly finished her dinner the other night and Jonathan was taking out the garbage.  She watched him and declared: "Boys do outside jobs.  Girls do inside jobs."  I was flabbergasted.

I reminded her that she helps Daddy mow the lawn and that is an outside job.  And that she helps to plant flowers and take care of the yard, which are outside jobs too.   So, girls can do outside jobs and be really good at them.  Similarly, Daddy does most of the laundry and cleaning around the house and those are inside jobs.  Inside and outside jobs don't come with assigned genders.

Her comment really hit home for me because years ago I attended a workshop on how women can better advocate for themselves in the workplace, specifically with respect to pay equality.  One of the speakers gave the example of indoor versus outdoor chores for children.  She argued that boys typically get assigned outdoor chores, such as lawn mowing.  The neighbors see the boys mowing the lawn and can hire them to mow their lawns.  This gives the boys an appreciation that their time and efforts are worth something to others and also gives them a chance to put a dollar amount on that transaction.  Girls, however, are indoors washing dishes and miss out on that character forming transaction.

After Allie made this comment, I started looking around to see if this is a real phenomenon.  I found a few articles on the topic, like this one from the Wall Street Journal.  Jonathan's solution is that I take on the lawn mowing and yard work.  I think he has ulterior motives in this suggestion.

So, this is something that we'll be keeping an eye on.  I really dislike this type of messaging, especially so early in her life.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Life with Little Brother

Allie is doing a great job with Andrew so far.  She likes to help feed him and give him his pacifier.  She's a great big sister.

She asked to hold him for the first time today and they both loved it.  Andrew let out his first ever happy squeal while she was holding him.

We also got to try out Allie's new skateboard from her Auntie Sam that attaches to our stroller.  She loved it and rode all the way to the park while holding on with both hands.  She's doing great. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introducing Andrew Jonathan

Our son Andrew Jonathan was born on Tuesday July 8th, weighing 8 lbs 5 oz and measuring in at 20 inches long.  He is happy and healthy, and we're all back home getting used to being a family of four.  

Jonathan's mom Bonnie kindly came out to help with Allie while we were in the hospital.  Because of Allie's stroke, I had a planned c-section to minimize the stress on the baby.  It was nice having a specific end date in mind and we built up July 8th to Allie as her "Big Sister Day". 

Bonnie snapped a few photos of our family of three right before we left for the hospital.  

As soon as Andrew was born and we were moved to the recovery room, Allie and Bonnie got to visit.  She was very intrigued by her baby brother and thrilled with the presents he got her for her Big Sister Day (a kite and an excavator, aka "a digger!").

But I think Allie's favorite part of the hospital visit was playing in the movable bed with Daddy.

We got to come home a day earlier than expected and Tom, Jonathan's dad, came to visit for a couple days.  Allie was so happy to spend some time with Papa.

So far, Allie and Andrew are getting along well.  She's a little whiny but she really wants to help with baby activities like feeding him and finding his pacifier.  I think she'll be a good big sister.

And now, we're a family of four. 

Thanks again to Bonnie and Tom for all their help.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Allie has been working hard at learning how to write her letters and spell.  Here is a video of her spelling her name.  She is so proud of herself that she comes in for a hug after every correct spelling.

Also, I forgot to post a picture of the amazing Father's Day card that Allie made for Jonathan.  It says "Happy Father's Day - Allie".  Not bad for a 3.5 year old.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maternity Photos

One of the things I regret about my pregnancy with Allie was not taking any photos of myself while pregnant.  Here is my single "I'm about to have a baby photo" during my pregnancy with Allie.

You've got to love the fresh out of the shower wearing a stripped shirt that kind of hurts your eyes snapshot.  If it weren't for my friend Lisa's insistence that I take this one photo and send it to her, I wouldn't have any.

I was determined to take more pictures this time around.  But all of the sudden, we are 3 days out from having the baby and I still hadn't taken any.  Jonathan, Allie, and I decided to take advantage of the great weather to head to the park and snap a few this morning.  Here they are.

Waiting for Allie to join me.
Who can compete with a whole playground of fun?

Kissing Baby Brother.

Posing on the rock mound.

Walking down the hill.  This is our sledding hill that Allie loves so much.

High fives on the slide.
We then went down the slide, which was a less than graceful event for me and is not to be repeated any time soon.

Kisses for the photographer.