Monday, June 2, 2014

Parent Teacher Conference

Before I get to our parent teacher conference, check out Allie climbing up the playground rope ladder all by herself!  She has been obsessed with this rope ladder for years and she's had some success climbing it with assistance or with a hovering teacher, but this is the first time that I saw her do it all by herself without anyone hovering over her.

I'm so proud!

OK, now to the parent teacher conference.  Here is the summary that we got from the teachers (here is the summary of our last conference for comparison).


Social/Emotional (Sense of Self; Responsibility for Self and Others; Prosocial Behavior)
Allie understands and follows classroom routines with limited guidance.  She demonstrates self-care skills by using the bathroom, dressing, and washing her hands.  She has personal initiative showing interest in many different activities.  She, with guidance, has the ability to name the feels she is experiencing.  She interacts with peers, takes turns during play, participates in imaginary and dramatic play, and works with others to solve problems with guidance being prompted by her teachers on words and phrases such as "Can I have a turn?", "Can I play?", "You want to play?", or "You can play when I am finished."

Cognitive (Learning and Problem Solving; Logical Thinking; Representation and Symbolic Thinking)
Allie uses mathematical thinking when counting out two packs of crackers from the snack bag when it is passed to her.  She also demonstrates this skill by filling a scale with rocks until one side goes down and playing a variety of matching games.  She explores social learning by pretending to be a cook preparing and serving food to peers and her teachers; when working with a friend pulling chairs together to make a train; and when following the instruction of her teacher when she says, "Everyone who has a purple shirt you may go to the table."

Physical (Gross Motor; Fine Motor)
Allie demonstrates find-motor skill using the same hand to hold writing tools, scissors, tweezers, droppers, etc.  She demonstrates body awareness by using a sufficient amount of pressure when holding objects and writing tools.  She is acquiring skill in bilateral motor coordination by making the effort to use two hands when playing rhythm sticks and using drumsticks.  She demonstrates visual motor control using visual cues when looking at hands to reach for and grasp objects, i.e. getting puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle.  She continues to acquire gross-motor coordination by using her large muscle groups to maintain posture in the sitting position in a chair and the floor, and also, in galloping and hopping on two feet.

Language (Listening and Speaking; Reading and Writing)
Allie demonstrates skill in listening and understanding being able to get her eating supplies when directed; listens more easily in a one-on-one conversation than in a group setting; being able to name and point to many body parts; and beginning to use some positional and directional words such as around, backward, next to, and behind.  She is using plurals, pronouns, and possessive words such as "my" and "her".  She shows interest in entering into conversations by: singing songs or chanting rhymes; telling what she did in the past, present, and future; and repeating what a peer has asked.

Next Steps at School and at Home 

  • Continue to help develop social-emotional skill through coaching and modeling behavior; and 
  • Language skill by inviting her to engage in many conversations, pulling her into the conversations by asking "why", "what if", and other questions, and talking about the past, present, and future events.  


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