Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mommy and Me Weekend

Jonathan is in Minnesota for a dear family friend's funeral this weekend, which means that Allie and I are having a girls weekend.  Since the impending baby is only 3 weeks out, our friends are keeping an eye on me and keeping us busy with fun get togethers.  

Allie and I went to the park this morning and I was completely blown away with how independent she is now.  I think a lot of this is due to her time at KKI.  We were there for about an hour an a half and Allie was running, climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding, and playing with other kids the entire time.  I saw her climb up a three rung ladder without thinking about it and climb a fake rock mound that she's struggled with for a while.  She and a boy about her age climbed the rock mound together and went down the slide attached to it.  She then ran across the playground to me and I told her I was so proud of her.  She said "I climbed it with my friend!  I'll do it again!"  Then, she did.

It was so cool seeing her be so comfortable and independent with all the play equipment.  

Later tonight, we were hanging out in the backyard and she played with her stomp rockets by herself for a half hour while I lounged on the deck and watched.  This is a great toy for her because she needs two hands to get the rocket on and then balance and leg strength to stomp hard on base.  Her goal is to shoot the rockets into trees.  She's not quite there yet but she's getting it higher every day.

Yesterday, we went and visited a PT center that we're considering.  It's a gymnastics and martial arts center that has OTs, PTs, and speech therapists on staff.  Allie had a great time doing the tour and really liked the PT we met with.  However, the PT had some concerns about Allie's leg strength and range of motion and was very vocal about her belief that Allie needs major orthodics on both of her feet and also a brace on her right knee.  I appreciate her concern and I definitely don't want to shoot the messenger, but Allie's other PTs and Physical Medicine doctor haven't ever indicated a strong need for bracing.  I would strongly prefer not to load her up with braces unless they're absolutely needed, but I guess it's something that we should look into.  Time to make a new Physical Medicine appointment.  

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