Monday, May 12, 2014

Days 18-21 with the cast

It was such a relief having a week off from taking Allie to KKI.  Thanks again to Bonnie and Tom for helping out and giving us a much needed break!

Day 18

Allie had a good day at therapy with Bonnie at KKI.  Check out how fast she's gotten at riding the bike!

After KKI, they went to her weekly speech therapy appointment afterwards.  Allie's initial speech evaluation back in March was pretty scary but things have really taken off since then.  At her session two weeks ago, the therapist and I started talking about a potential exit plan for speech because Allie seemed to catch up on all the areas we identified as needing work.  At the appointment last Friday with Bonnie, Allie did a new evaluation and her expressive language score was 100 points (the normal range is 85-115)!  We then got immediately discharged from speech and Jonathan and I did a little happy dance.

Day 19

Allie and Jonathan took Tom and Bonnie to the airport and then we had a pretty laid back day of house projects.  Allie's only therapy came from her weekend KKI homework assignment of rolling balls with her right hand while squatting, flipping over puzzle pieces, picking toy trains up off the ground and putting them onto her train table tracks, and opening and closing drawers and cabinets to get things out.  I didn't get any good photos but her supination has made huge improvements over the past couple weeks.  She was able to pick up an upside-down wooden puzzle piece, show me the front by turning her palm to the sky while extending her arm, and then put the puzzle piece in the right spot---all with just Righty.  It was really cool to see.

She and Jonathan also surprised me with pre-Mother's Day flowers and a balloon, which Allie took to smacking around the house.

Day 20 (Mother's Day)

Allie was so cute on Mother's Day.  She must have said "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!" about 50 times, basically on repeat.  Allie did some more homework, which was mostly the same as Saturday's assignment, and took a 4 hour long nap.  I think KKI is wearing us all out.

Day 21

The cast comes off!  Jonathan is at KKI with her right now and was informed that today is her last casted day.  Our last day of therapy is next Wednesday but everything from here on out is bimanual, focusing on integrating her new Righty skills into her daily life.  I am so excited for the cast to be done.  It's been very helpful, but I could use a few less accidental smacks in the face with the smelly, grungy cast.

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