Thursday, May 8, 2014

Days 12-17 with the cast

We have seen some pretty remarkable improvements in Allie's strength and coordination with her right arm and hand.  She does need a lot of help, which is exhausting, but luckily Allie's Gama Bonnie came into town to take her to her therapy sessions and entertain her during the day.

I have a lot more pictures to upload, but here are some cute ones from Bonnie that I have on hand.

Putting together a marble ramp:

Riding a bike.  She's getting super fast:

Carrying around a bucket with more and more stuff in it:

An unexpected surprise of the last month is how much more Allie is talking.  She's conversing in full sentences and picking up new vocabulary every day.  She's made such great progress that she's getting discharged from her private speech therapy this month, which is a huge relief to us.

Allie's Papa Tom came into town yesterday to accompany Gama, so the three of them are up at KKI right now.  Allie was really excited to show Papa her bike riding skills and the Curious George puzzle.  I love that she's having so much fun there.

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