Monday, April 14, 2014

Rockstar Righty

One of Allie's friends had a birthday party this weekend and I was totally impressed at her unprompted Righty action during the party.  I looked over at one point and she was playing with the rings on the play equipment and just enjoying herself.

There was a ladder leading up to the slide and Allie climbed up it without any help multiple times.  Check out how she's actually using Righty to help climb.  (Her diaper was not actually as full as it looks in this picture... I promise!)

Then, after some delicious pizza, she took in the view while holding on to two tent legs.

Her language has taken off too.  When we were driving to and from the party, she was putting together perfectly formed sentences with correct grammar, good pronunciation and proper pronoun usage and verb conjugation.  I got home and told Jonathan that I think Allie figured out how to speak that day.

She's my rockstar.

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