Thursday, April 17, 2014

Neurology Appointment

Dress up time at school
Allie had a neurology check-up today and I hadn't realized that it had been a year since we had last seen the neurologist.  The doctor was very impressed with Allie, particularly her walking and talking.  She said that if she saw Allie on the street, she'd never suspect she has cerebral palsy.  I like hearing that, especially from someone who spends all day with motor-impaired kids.

We talked about Allie's therapy schedule and she was glad that she still gets so much.  She was impressed that we were able to work out therapists going to Allie's preschool because apparently it is difficult to arrange most of the time.  I guess we're just lucky that it wasn't an issue for us; both the therapists and the teachers were happy to have therapy in the classroom.

We also talked about potentially lowering or weaning Allie off her epilepsy medication (Trileptal).  The rule of thumb is that after a kid is seizure-free for 2 years, there is a good chance that the brain has stabilized enough to stay seizure-free on its own without medication.  The neurologist warned that even though it has been 2 years and 2 months since Allie had a seizure (knock on wood), she's a little hesitant to take away the meds.  The stroke interrupted some brain connections that are likely to continue firing indefinitely.  These misfirings are mitigated by the epilepsy medication and, if left untreated, they can create some broader neuron misfiring, which can lead to more seizures.

She suggested we hold constant at Allie's current Trileptal dose, which she's been at for over a year now.  This is like a de facto wean because she's growing and the medication dose is staying the same, making her dose/weight ratio lower.

Other than that, it was just a nice check up visit and she was happy to tell us to come back in a year.  At the end of the session, Allie turned to the neurologist and said "I like my doctor" and gave her a high five.

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