Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"I Climbed Myself"

Allie had a busy day of back to back physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.  She was remarkable cooperative at all of the sessions.

As a reward, we went to exchange a pair of Allie's sneakers that I had ordered online.  She was so excited when they came but disappointment gave way as soon as she opened the box: "I wanted PINK!" She strutted into the shoe department, quickly made friends with the salesman Mr. Wayne, got her feet measured, and picked out two cool pairs of sneakers.  She also got to pick out some new Hello Kitty socks, which totally made her day, and Mr. Wayne gave her a pink balloon as she left.  This girl loves shoe shopping.

We walked to the play area in the mall (all the while Allie shouted "I got new shoes!!!" at everyone who walked by) and she got a chance to climb on some unidentifiable objects with a bunch of other kids.  She was really nervous about it.  After a couple attempts at getting up on her own, she asked me to help.  I stood behind her with my hands gently touching her back and she climbed up all on her own.  She kept checking "You got me Mama?"  I would assure her that I did (even though I really wasn't helping) and she kept climbing.  Once she was on top, I would back off and let her maneuver the rest of the climbing herself.

She climbed up on the weird plant/flower thing (pictured above) three times before she was ready to go home.  As she was putting her shoes back on, I leaned down and said "Hey Allie, can I tell something?"  She looked up.  "You know, when I said I was helping you climb, I was behind you but you actually climbed up all on your own."  She gave me a big smile "I did it myself?!?!"  I told her she did, and she gave me a big hug.

On the walk to the car, I heard her say softly: "I climbed myself."

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