Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Back off with the camera mom!
Just kidding! 

Allie had two Easter parties today and had a blast at both of them.  The first was at one of her friend from school's house.  They started off the day hanging out and blowing bubbles (shown above).  

Then all the kids got to decorate bags to use in the hunt.  

After their bags were ready, they gathered outside to start the hunt.

Let's make sure this bag works!

She was really good at the hunt.  Her bag was full in no time and she loved it!

I am the egg finding master!
Allie proudly came to show us her bag and was shocked when Jonathan opened one of the eggs to find candy.

Then, she and her friends played and colored on the driveway.  

It was a very fun party.  

Lucky Allie then got to go to her BFF Abby's Easter party.  This is year 3 of attending Abby's Easter egg hunt and she had this egg finding business down.  (Check out year 1 and year 2 to see how much she's grown!)  She ran out and gathered all the eggs she could as quickly as possible.  Look at that Righty action.

After the egg finding, Allie binge ate a lot of the candy, went totally nuts singing at the top of her lungs, and almost fell asleep on the car ride home.

What a fun Easter!

Allie gets her cast on tomorrow for her latest round of constraint therapy. We're excited but nervous about having her casted for 3 straight weeks.  I think as long as Allie gets a cool looking cast, she'll be fine.  She is currently hoping for a blue, pink, and yellow cast.  We may have a lot of cast painting in our future.

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  1. Will be thinking of all three of you tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and she get a cast with Blue, Pink and Yellow!