Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Days 4-8 with the cast

Allie has been doing well with her constraint therapy.  She really seems to enjoy the novelty of the cast and all of the attention she gets while she's wearing it, but all the therapy is exhausting.  Last Thursday (day 3 of the cast), she was supposed to go to school after therapy but she fell asleep in the car and I couldn't wake her up.  We changed plans and went home instead of school, and she continued to sleep in her car seat for 2 more hours.  We just sat in the car in the driveway of our house; I had a conference call for work, caught up on emails, and relaxed until she felt like waking up.

Car seat snooze 
Friday was another good therapy day and she got sent home with a few homework assignments to do both Saturday and Sunday:

1) Carry around a bucket with a little bit of weight in it.

We had some friends come over on Saturday and their 4 year old daughter was perfect motivation for this one.  The two girls walked around the yard with buckets and picked up rocks together.  Allie would carry the bucket with Righty, set it down, pick up rocks, put them in the bucket, and pick up the bucket again.  It was perfect.

On Sunday, we had her load the same bucket with toy trains and bring them between rooms.

Her grip is getting much stronger.

2) Pick up and set down items in a controlled fashion.  Make sure items that are supposed to be upright stay upright.

This was a little hard and frustrating for Allie.

On Saturday evening, we all had a picnic in her playroom.  She brought us food and had to set it down gently on the table.  She has a bunch of little cupcakes that worked perfectly for this, so we mostly had a cupcake picnic.

On Sunday, she had to set the trains that she was bringing from room to room in the bucket down gently on the ground or on a table.

There were more than a few moments of frustration with this exercise, but we saw a lot of improvement in her ability to control how she opened and closed her hand.

3) Point to pictures in books with just an index finger and turn pages in a book by pinching the page between her thumb and pointer finger.

This is hard for her, but she has made huge huge gains.  She can now get her index finger out by itself to point and pinch.  We've been working on this for a year and haven't made much progress.  But, she's getting it now.  Yay!

4) Carry a plate with toy food on it by turning her palm to the sky and extending her fingers.

Supination (the act of turning her palm toward the sky) is difficult.  It's getting easier for her to rotate her hand on her own but the idea of her functionally carrying something that way is a bit far for her right now.  Still, we carried the items (mostly with our hands over her hand) and used this as a chance to stretch.

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