Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 9 and 10 with the cast

Day 9

Allie was a index finger and pinching champion yesterday.

While she was eating her breakfast, I noticed that she was pinching her bagel pieces between her thumb and pointer finger and bringing the pieces to her mouth.  This is very different from the whole hand grasp that she was doing before.

During therapy, she did one of her hallway checkups with me and brought a shopping cart full of marble toys.  Check out her pinching!

Day 10

Today was Allie's day in the therapy pool.  My phone fell out of my bag in the car so I didn't get any pictures, but she was adorable.  The cast is waterproof so she was casted in the pool.  Another 3 year old girl who I've seen in the hallways was sharing the pool with Allie and they were so cute together.  Allie would run up to the girl, say "you can't catch me!", and then the other girl and her therapist would chase after Allie.   They had a great time.

After the pool, Allie took a shower and got dressed.  One of her therapists noticed a little rash on Allie's left arm.  They took off the cast to check it out and decided to give Allie a day out of the cast to let it heal before the cast goes back on tomorrow.

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