Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2 and 3 with the cast

Day 2

Allie's second day of casted therapy went really well.  She had so much fun playing with the therapists and running into the hallway to show me the fun things she was doing.  

It is glorious not being in the room with Allie during her 3 hours of OT and PT.  I think it's fun for her too because she can take a break to run out and tell me about all the cool stuff she's been playing with. 

One of her hallway breaks was to show me how strong Righty's grip is getting.  The PT was holding onto a hula hoop and pulling Allie down the hallway.  

Later, Allie came out riding the bike.  She was very proud that she was peddling (which I had never seen before!) and steering with just Righty.

After therapy, she went to school to hang out with her friends for a few hours and then I picked her up early to go to a doctor's appointment with me.  She got to meet my high-risk OB and see pictures of her baby brother.  The OB had never met Allie before but obviously knew about her medical history.  He was so shocked by Allie and he kept saying "I really never would have known..." 

After the ultrasound was done (shown below), recent labs were reviewed, and stats given (the baby's in the 85th percentile for size, weighing in at 3 lbs 2 oz), we were surprised when the OB said he didn't think we needed to see him any more.  He said he was pleased with how everything is going and he thinks my regular OB visits will be enough.  However, he still recommends that I get fetal monitoring from weeks 36-39---where I get hooked up to a fetal monitor during my regular weekly visits just to check the baby's heart rate, etc.---and that I schedule a C-section for 39 weeks.  That sounds fine with me.

Day 3

When Allie woke up this morning, we noticed that her cast had started to come apart.  Apparently she was pretty squirmy during the initial cast making and the part near her elbow detached and was pinching her.

She had a big breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, which she ate all by herself with Righty, and then we headed back to Baltimore.  They remade a new cast with the elbow cut out and all seems well.  Here are some pictures of Allie on the scooter and the bike again.

Allie is going to school once therapy is done today and all her friends are going to decorate her cast with stickers.  The kids were very curious yesterday and we thought this would be a fun way for everyone to talk about it and ask questions.

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  1. Great photos and exciting to see Baby Boy Schwalbe. Amazing what they can tell about a baby in utero these days. Kisses to Allie the Magnificent.