Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting ready for baby

We've started getting the house ready for the new baby (who is still 4 months away) and Allie is really excited about it.  Our plan is to have the baby stay in our room until he's sleeping reasonably and then he and Allie are going to be roommates.  We shall see how well this plan works out.

To try to spread out the transition, we moved the changing table upstairs a couple weeks ago and the crib into her room over the weekend.  I think the new stuff has really made a difference in how real the baby seems.  She keeps talking about how her brother is going to sleep in "her" crib and how she is going to teach him how to do lots of cool things, like jumping and eating macaroni and cheese. 

My growing belly, however, seems to be a source of concern for her.  The other day she asked: 

"Mommy...  Your belly bigger?  Butt bigger?  
Baby still in there?  Tummy hurting?  Your back hurt?  
My back hurts... I have a baby in there"

She has also been super affectionate with me lately.  She keeps coming up for a hug just to tell me that she loves me.  I am thoroughly enjoying all of it, but I hope it doesn't mean the shock of sharing the attention will be even harder.

We had another snow day today and, since Jonathan is out of town for the week, we had a fun day of baking and playing just the two of us.  I painted her toenails for the first time and she LOVES it.  We then went over to our friend's house and she was so excited to show off her "pretty toes" that she went around shoe and sock-less in case anyone wanted to admire them.  We also made bread and cookies, stomped around the snow, and put together a 40-piece jigsaw puzzle three times.  By the end of the day, she was so punchy that she was hilariously laughing at almost anything.  It was a cute day.

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  1. What a beautiful girl! And from the last photo I see she still likes Thomas the Train. Congrats on a fun snow day. In Minnesota we no longer think anything to do with snow is fun. I'll try the cookie plan if we get any more white stuff! Hugs from Gama