Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Speech Evaluation Update

We had the second part of Allie’s speech evaluation last week and it went pretty well.  We’re still waiting for the final report but the therapist said that her impression is that Allie’s articulation is age appropriate and she doesn’t suspect any apraxia, which is not unusual for kids with cerebral palsy, but that her sentence structure and grammar is a bit delayed. 

We are taking a week off while we wait for the therapist to write the report, send it to our insurance, and see if we qualify for speech therapy.  If all goes as planned, we’ll start the on-going therapy next Friday and continue indefinitely.

However, her speaking seems to be increasing and improving exponentially on its own and I’m a little inclined towards not doing the therapy.  We’re holding off judgment until we see her official scores.  I don’t want to ignore a problem if there really is one but I also don’t want to overpack her (and our) schedule unnecessarily.  We shall see... 

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