Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pizza Night

Allie, Jonathan, and I are home alone again after my mom (Grandma), her husband (Opa), and Jonathan's dad (Papa) all left from their birthday party visit.  We decided to make a dent in our leftover pizza stash for dinner and we challenged Allie to eat with Righty for fun.  She took the challenge and showed off her skills.  See one of her many Righty bites below.   

In mid-April, we will be starting Allie's third KKI constraint therapy program.  She's old enough to do the full-time program so her left arm will be in a full cast for an entire month and she'll get 3 hours a day of therapy.  I'm nervous but it seems like Allie is at a point where she's really excited to use Righty.  Nights like tonight make me feel like she at least won't starve during the month.

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  1. The party sounds like it was perfect. She looked adorable and now can eat pizza right handed! A great couple of days. Kisses to my girl! Gama