Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Allie is having a baby brother!

We found out last week that Allie will soon be a big sister to a little brother.  We are all very excited.

Other than that, we've had a pretty mellow and fun week.  We got a lot of snow and Allie has been loving it.  She has declared herself a snowman and she takes great pride in helping her daddy shovel snow.  We went for a long walk yesterday, stomping on snow hills and throwing snowballs.

It was a fun time.

She had the first of her two-part speech evaluation though the Children's Hospital last week.  We should get her final results this Friday but, so far, it looks like Allie is scoring age appropriately for her receptive language (what she understands) and her articulation (which she has previously scored really low in during our county-run speech evaluation).  However, she scored a little below age appropriate for her expressive language, specifically in her vocabulary and sentence structure.

Some examples of her weird structures include:

"No Allie knock over" instead of "I won't knock it over"


"No I like it" instead of "I don't like it"

Allie just recently started putting together more complex sentences but we've seen such dramatic growth in the span of just a few weeks, so I guess we're still not too worried.  We shall see how the final scores look.

The whole speech therapy is a bit more rigid than we're used to (and, frankly, than we like).  It took us months on the wait list to get a spot, which happens to be at the most inconvenient time imaginable.  Our mid-day Friday spot means that I have to leave work and Allie has to leave school early, and there isn't really enough time to justify driving her back to school. We can only miss one weekly session every two months or we get kicked out and lose our spot, and being late can count as an absence.  I'm hoping that a more convenient time opens up and we can switch spots at least.

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  1. It's the Minnesotan in her that loves the snow!