Sunday, January 5, 2014

Swim Class

Playing in her tent with her friend

Allie had a great friend-filled weekend and had her first swim class in months.  She has taken swim classes before but we took a some time off during our last constraint therapy session and then kept missing the enrollment dates for the classes since then.  

We were late again signing up for this class so we got stuck with a teacher that we had before and thought was too pushy.  To try to make the most of the class today, Jonathan spoke with the teacher ahead of the lesson and explained that Allie has cerebral palsy and has a hard time doing some of the moves.  The teacher looked at Allie and said "I understand.  My son has right-sided hemiparesis"---exactly what Allie has!  She then went on to say how great swim class is and that she would do her best to be encouraging but not too pushy.  

I was a little worried that Allie would freak out about getting back in the pool after such a long break.  But, to prove me wrong, she did wonderfully and this ended up being the best swim class she's ever had.

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