Monday, January 20, 2014

"Me too!!! My turn!!!"

Allie is getting so brave that she hardly seems like the same girl she was a few months ago.  She's out of school today for MLK day so we did a drop in class at a local kid's gym and she loved it.  She was jumping on trampolines, jumping into a giant ball pit, walking the balance beam, doing flips on the uneven bars (with assistance), doing sit ups and stretches, and swinging with both hands from suspended rings (again with some assistance).  She even climbed up a ladder all by herself to go down a slide and did all of the dance moves with both hands.

She was so excited to do all the things that the other kids were doing and, for the most part, she did.  I was worried that she would be hesitant to do the gymnastics routines but she jumped right up, yelled "Me too!!! My turn!!!" and gave it her best shot.  I was so proud.  My favorite was when she walked across the balance beam, did a "stork stand" where she lifted one leg so she was balancing on just her left leg, then jumped off the beam and ran over to me for a hug yelling "I did it!!!"

I told the teachers about Allie's right sided weakness and they were open to helping in any way they needed to, but it was cool that she didn't need that much help.  I swear the class was like a joint OT/PT session disguised as playtime.

After the hour-long class, she was still amped up so we went to the McDonald's next door to the gym (convenient placement, I tell you) and Allie climbed and jumped in the play place for another hour.  Other kids came and went and Allie made lots of friends.

At one point, a 6 year old girl was in the play equipment with her 2 year old brother.  The girl had all sorts of wisdom to impart upon the two year old and Allie found it hilarious.  She started repeating all of the girl's instructions like she was practicing for when she has a little sibling to boss around.  From the looks of it, Allie will fill her new role nicely.

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