Friday, January 10, 2014

Allie the Fibber

As Allie is talking more and more, she is coming out with some pretty crazy things.  Most of them are funny, but some of them are outright lies.

When I pick her up from school I ask about her friends and she tells me hilarious things that they did that day.  Every day she tells me how her friend Max went down the slide and bumped his knee or got his pasta all over himself at lunch.  A few weeks ago I mentioned Max to Jonathan and he informed me that Max left the school in NOVEMBER.  Allie has been making up stuff every day about someone who wasn't even there for months.  

This morning, Allie was showing off her jumping skills when she was getting dressed.  We were very impressed and that's when she informed us that he other friend at school jumped so high that she banged her head on the ceiling and needed ice.  Really, Allie?

The teenage years are going to be fun.   

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