Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stairs & Jumping Queen

"I haven't eaten anything.  Nope.  Definitely not."

Allie impressed the heck out of me yesterday.  We were walking to her school and there are 6 steps that she likes to walk down.  It was really cold out and holding the metal hand railing wasn't appealing so she just walked down the stairs all by herself.  I have never seen her do stairs without a hand railing and we had just set that as a new goal for her physical therapy.

Then, when I picked her up from school she wanted to show me her jumping.  She jumped and it was perfect.  Both feet off the ground.  Even feet.  Everything that we had hoped for.

She had PT today and her therapist said that she would have to change Allie's most recent evaluation to note that she is now a jumper.  That's my girl.

We're trying to figure out a way to transition much of her PT and OT to school.  Logistics are more complicated than they need to be but once it's done it will be helpful for her teachers to get more instruction and wonderful for us not to have to do it.

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  1. Great Job, Allie!! You are a constant wonder. So happy to be seeing you soon. Love, Gam