Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why we won't be doing Botox again

Playing at a friend's birthday party

Allie is now a month and a half post-Botox and we have seen some good and some bad.  The effects are just starting to wear off a little and this seems like a good time to reflect on what we have seen so far.

The good: Allie's walking is much more symmetric and she doesn't seem to limp as much.  Some of this may return as the Botox continues to wear off but we think she's built a lot of strength and there is a good chance that some of these results will stick.

The bad:  While we were initially encouraged by her right hand loosening, this turned out not to be a good thing.  Allie lost the ability to do a lot of things that she was able to do with Righty and it really crushed her confidence.  The looseness ended up being non-functional for her and, even though she has gained some strength in trying to push through it, it was a net negative experience.

Allie's teacher pulled me aside as I was picking her up yesterday and said that Allie is having a hard time lately.  Instead of playing with her friends like she did pre-Botox, she stands back and watches them play, seemingly unsure if she can play too.  Her teacher also said that since the Botox, Allie has been asking for help with everything and getting really frustrated when they try to get her to use Righty.  Apparently Allie has been asking for help to do simple things like clearing her plate from the table after lunch or throwing things away.  This is all stuff that she was fine with before.

It's a total bummer.  I hate the thought of her not playing with her friends because we hurt her confidence in her ability to do normal things.  Hopefully she'll regain her confidence as her functionality continues to return.

Knowing what we know now, we wouldn't have done the Botox.

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