Monday, November 25, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

Allie's teachers and I had her semi-annual parent teacher conference today.  The following is the summary of her developmental progress that her teachers wrote.


SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL (Sense of Self; Responsibility for Self and Others; Prosocial Behavior)
Allie plays well by herself and has recently begun to briefly observe her peers playing before she plays alongside them or joins them in play.  Once she engages in play with her peers she will offer to share what she is playing with to another child.  Allie shows great confidence in meeting her own personal needs despite the weakness of her right side by: climbing playground equipment, grasping and using crayons, scissors, and tweezers.  She is able to follow two or more step directions from her teacher.  For example, after being directed she will wipe her nose, throwing away the tissue, and then wash her hands.  SHe expresses persistence in completing tasks by getting her coat from her cubby, putting a puzzle together, and sipping paper with scissors.

PHYSICAL (Gross Motor; Fine Motor)
Allie is acquiring gross motor skill by swinging a bat and a golf club at a stationary ball and by using a toy hammer to bang plastic nails into a foam surface.  She is able to use her feet to move a tricycle forward or backward but is still developing in using the pedals.  She uses refined wrist and finger movements in her left hand by pouring milk from a cup into a bowl of cereal, squeezing tweezers, and pounding and poking play dough.

COGNITIVE (Learning and Problem Solving; Logical Thinking; Representation and Symbolic Thinking)
Allie is developing in transitioning from one activity and maintaining focus.  She has the ability to continue and complete an activity of her choice without distraction but quickly loses interest during whole group activities.  Allie has begun to show interest in playing matching games and can easily match shapes, colors, and objects.  She is also showing a beginning interest in letters and numbers, being able to count 1 to 4 objects, and recognize that the letter "A" is for her name as well as for the word "apple".

LANGUAGE (Listening and Speaking; Reading and Writing)
Allie has the ability to follow simple two or more requests.  When the teacher announces "It is outside time.  Please go to your cubby and get your coat." She goes to her cubby to get her coat.  She is developing skill in entering into conversation using more than one or two word sentences.

To continue to enhance development in the following areas:

  • Social-emotional: helping her to become comfortable in engaging in play with peers by coaching her on words to use i.e., "Can I play?" or perhaps having classmate play dates;
  • Physical: Continue to encourage and challenge her to use her right hand.  As well as for parents and teachers to continue sharing learning strategies on ways to enhance and strengthen her physical development especially on the right side of her body.
  • Language: by engaging in conversations with open ended questions.


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  1. Sounds like our girl is a real asset to her class and is doing a great job of being pre schooler. Yay, Allie!