Saturday, November 23, 2013

Opthalmology Update

Allie had her followup opthalmology appointment last week.  Her last appointment was in September 2012 so we were way overdue for her "6 month checkup".  Oops.  In spite of the delay, it went really well and Allie was very well behaved for it.

After an initial vision exam, the nurse and doctor each loaded Allie up with a stack of stickers.  Her sweater was completely covered and was pretty pleased with it.  The nurse put in the eye dilation drops but Allie was a little pouty in the room afterwards.  I asked what was wrong and she said "No stickers on pants..."  When the nurse came in to check on Allie's eyes, Allie asked "One more sticker, please?  No, two??? Pants!"  We had completely wiped out the room's sticker supply so the nurse had to go hunt around for some more.  Allie really appreciated it.

After an in-depth eye exam, the doctor said that there is no noticeable sign of vision loss or eye damage.  She said it is still possible that Allie has a right visual field cut from the stroke but that she has figured out how to work around it.  With a field cut, the lack of vision never improves but the person gets better at remembering to look in the area where the vision is lacking.  Kind of like how you just remember to look in your blind spot while driving in your car.  Her optic nerve is still fair too but that is not completely indicative of damage.  It could just be because she is a fair skinned kid.

Moral of the story: we'll just have to wait and see what (if any) vision issues she has down the road.  The ophthalmologist told us to follow up in a year, which makes me feel like we didn't drop the ball too badly by putting this followup visit off so long.

Allie and I have started the tradition of getting ice cream together after doctor's appointments.  It kind of makes the whole event feel more fun.  This time, Allie was insistent that she wanted "hot" ice cream.  I'm still not sure what that means but luckily she was fine with her regular cold ice cream.

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