Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall-filled Week

Allie has had a wonderful week, filled with Fall activities.

Last Sunday, Allie and I watched her BFF Abby run the Marine Corp marathon.  She loved watching everyone run by and got really good at cheering and clapping for the runners.

On Monday, her class went to a local orchard to visit a pumpkin patch.  All the kids rode the school bus and Allie really loved it.

Once the kids were unloaded, we took a hayride up the hill to the pumpkin patch.

Allie was a little overwhelmed by all her pumpkin options but she was up for the challenge.

She eventually found a pumpkin she liked that was "not too heavy."  She then went around and pumpkin "cheers-ed" all the other kids' pumpkins.

After a hayride back, she got to check out the animals.  I think the chickens were her favorite.

All the kids lined up on a hay pile for a class photo before getting back on the "cool bus" as Allie calls it.

On Thursday, Allie's school had a Halloween parade and she was very proud of her princess outfit.  Whenever she thought nobody was looking, she would twirl and twirl, admiring her dress.

Trick-or-treating at home was fun too, although she was incredibly shy and refused to say anything to the neighbors when she got to her door.  

On Friday, Allie and I brought Jonathan to the airport for his weekend trip to MN.  She was a really good sport about getting up at 4am to drive him.

On Saturday, Allie and I went to a local farm with our friends Chris, Shara, and their 1 year old Jake ("baby" as Allie calls him) that had themed kids areas and a petting zoo.  She liked exploring all the different areas.

And feeding the goats and sheep was awesome.

After the farm, we all went out for a great lunch and then home for a long nap.

This afternoon, Allie and I will be going to a musical at a kids theater nearby.  I hope she likes it!

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