Monday, October 21, 2013

Botox Update

School pictures (pre-Botox)

We are now two weeks post Botox and it is both good and bad.  The good is that Allie is really loose.  Her thumb is no longer tucked in, she can supinate her wrist, and her shoulder is in a very natural position.  Just looking at her, she looks fantastic.

The bad is that Allie was using her increased tone in place of strength and, now that the tone is gone, so is her ability to do a lot of the things she was doing before.  Going up and down stairs is really hard, as is picking up or holding things with Righty.

We were warned that Allie would seem really weak post-Botox, but we're optimistic that she'll gain enough strength independent of her tone that she'll bounce back.

We've been told to encourage crawling so we've started "M&M races" where Allie gets an M&M if she crawls through a popup tunnel tube in under 10 seconds.  Allie will do most anything for an M&M so it's working reasonably well so far and her crawling is looking good.

We are also doing lots of stretches, which Allie suddenly loves because she isn't so tight.  She was cuddling on my lap and cracking up tonight as Jonathan stretched all of her limbs.  I don't think she's ever cracked up during stretches before.

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  1. Hey Michelle, Loved reading your update and about your M&M races. Thomas reminded me that we do a lot of crawling in the living room when we set up blanket forts. Also I came across a website that gave me some ideas for games with the kids to get them to crawl around and use different muscles. The boys love playing Tigers.

    Haven't forgotten about bugaboo.