Monday, October 7, 2013

Botox Countdown

Allie has an early morning appointment tomorrow for her botox injections.

We have to be at Children's at 7am tomorrow morning and Allie can't eat or drink anything until her operation at 9am.  In preparation for her hunger-filled morning, we tried to stuff her with as much food as possible tonight.  She and Jonathan made chocolate chip cookies for dessert and Allie could not have been happier about it.  We all sat on the ground and watched them cook in the oven.  Once they were cool enough, we sat around her cupcake plate filled with cookies and took turns dunking our cookies in her cup of milk.  A quick bedtime story and a full cup of water and she was off to bed.

I am nervous about the anesthesia but I'm excited too see how the botox works for her.  While she was washing her hands tonight and the water was running over her fisted Righty, she looked at me and said "hand closed".  Maybe this will help.

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