Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Botox Day

Today was Allie's botox injections and things went pretty well.  She was a great sport getting to the hospital, barely complained about not getting anything to eat or drink, and was an overall pleasant girl.  She even made a friend in the waiting room.

Once we got back into the OR prep area, Allie put on her gown and high traction socks and rocked the look.  We went for a brief tour to look at some paintings that the nurses had made about why they became nurses (pictured above).  My favorite was "I became a nurse because I didn't want to be a teacher... I needed a CHALLENGE!"  What?!?!  Who paints that on a little canvas and hangs it up at their work.  Weird.

After some more gown modeling, Allie's doctor came in to say hi and mark up the injection sites.  Jonathan and I had envisioned this to be a specific part of the process where the the doctor would pinpoint which muscles needed to be targeted.  To our surprise, the doctor got down on Allie's level and asked if she would like a flower or a heart.  Allie chose the flower and the doctor drew a big flower with her initials all over Righty.  Then Allie got a heart too on her right leg.  Apparently the doctor just wanted to make sure that she got the correct limbs.

After a 14 minute operation, and a 10 minute wake up, she was done and we were allowed back to see her.  She was not a happy camper when she woke up.  She started crying because she was groggy and wanted all of the stuff off of her.  She wasn't allowed to leave until she drank something but she refused.  Much crying ensued and the nurses brought in a bunch of bright and loud but soothing things to distract her, none of which worked.  

Eventually the anesthesiologist came in and said that Allie should just leave because being in the hospital was more upsetting than helpful.  As soon as we were out of sight of the doctors, Allie was fine.

We went home and spent the rest of the day lounging around, eating saltine crackers, and watching episodes of Thomas the Train.  It was a surprisingly sweet day.  She was cuddly, which she never is, and we got to just hang out with each other.

After a brief afternoon nap, she started asking me to sit next to her and saying "My... hand... hurts..."  Some Advil seemed to do the trick, but we shall see how she holds up tomorrow.  

All in all, it was a stressful day with a few bright spots, but I am mostly glad that it is over.

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