Monday, October 28, 2013

Apple Picking

We went apple picking and we all had so much fun.  This is the same orchard we went to last year and it's fun to look at the pictures and see how much she has grown.  Last year, Allie couldn't even stand by herself and this time she trekked at least a mile and a half.  It has been a good year.

Allie liked to narrate the process: "Two hands... pull apple... in cart!  More!"

And of course we had to sample the apples...

Allie walked for an hour before she would agree to take a ride in the cart.

Turns out the cart was pretty fun.

Then Allie went on a pumpkin hunt...

... and admired the animals.

We walked by the already picked pumpkins on our way out and Allie thought it looked like a great place to rest.

After inspecting dozens of pumpkins, she finally found the one.  Dada was very relieved to have a decision made.  While we were walking to the car, Allie pointed out that we almost left without sticking our heads in this wonderful prop.  That wouldn't do.

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