Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Working hard

Studying my ABCs with Mama.
Yesterday was Allie's first day of her new therapy schedule.  It was totally exhausting for both of us.

Her fourth appointment of the day was speech therapy, where she started her 30-month evaluations.  I don't know if she was just burned out or if some of the things were actually hard for her, but things didn't go that well.  The speech therapist finally said "I really think she knows these thing... maybe I'll try again next time and see if she's willing to do them."

She had trouble when her therapist asked her to put a toy bear under the table.  She kept putting it on the table instead.  In another test, Allie had to pick which of the four pictures answered the question "What did Sally use to cut her apple?": a cup, a shoe, a knife, or a cat.  Allie was adamant that Sally used the cup.  The therapist double checked: "Sally uses a cup to cut the apple?"  Allie snottily replied "Yeeeeppppp!"

This lackluster evaluation paired with Jonathan's observation that most of the kids in Allie's class know their alphabet has left us a little concerned.  The good news is that after a week of singing the ABC's at least a dozen times a day, Allie is starting get it and will chime in with some letters as they come.

I kind of feel like we're dropping the ball on this stuff.  Neither of us have sang the ABC song to her before this week.  It just never seemed like something that we should be working on.  Do most kids know their alphabet at two years old?  Maybe the other parents are really pushing concepts like the alphabet?  I wonder what we would be "working on" if she wasn't so jammed up with therapy and appointments.  I'm really glad that Allie goes to school because it definitely fills (or at least draws attention to) some of our parenting gaps.

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