Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Thank you!"

The "oh, you're here to pick me up..." look
Allie has a new word or phrase almost every day.  This past weekend, she picked up "Thank you!"  It sounds more like "Bee dooo!", which I think is even cuter (even though I'm sure her speech therapist would strongly disapprove).

She now thanks us for everything.  Hand her water: "Bee dooo water Mama!"  Cats don't immediately run away from her: "Bee dooo cats! No go!"  Good breakfast: "Bee dooo Dada! Yummy!"

Overnight, she has become a very appreciative two year old.

One thing she still doesn't appreciate: getting picked up from school.  Whenever she sees me walking up, she freezes like maybe I won't see her and I'll just go away.  It usually takes about 30 seconds for her to realize that I'm not going to give up and then she's fine to walk to the train with me.  And then she looks like this:

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