Monday, September 16, 2013

Potty Princess

Allie is on her way to potty training!  I love it when we get to spend time on normal kid-raising things.

Thinking hard.
One of her friends at school is potty training and the subtle peer pressure has done the trick.  We have been talking about the potty for months but Allie would freak out when we asked her to sit on it.  Well, two weeks of seeing her friend use the potty was enough for Allie to come home and insist that we help her take off her pants and diaper so she could give it a try too.

Her Papa gave her two great potty books, which we now read ad nauseam while she sits there and ponders life.  One of the books is about a little princess that learns how to use the potty.  Allie loved the princess's crown and remembered that she had her own crown from school from a few months back.  We dug out the paper crown, taped it all back together, and Princess Allie was crowned.

We've had one success so far.  Hopefully many more to come.

Outside of potty land, today was a scary day in the DC-area.  The shooting at the Navy Yard was two miles from my work and Allie's school wasn't letting kids play outside.  I took the train to meet Jonathan at Allie's school and the trains were packed with nervous people all looking at each other, some with tears in their eyes.  It was nice to get home and spend some time being thankful just to have each other.

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