Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Allie Climb!"

"I'm cool.  I know it."
Holy moly, Allie had a great day.

Jonathan and I picked up Allie together and she was playing on the big kids' playground, as opposed to the normal little kids' playground.  Her teacher proudly informed us that Allie climbed the rope ladder today.  This is a totally big deal.  She has been coveting the rope ladder for years.  Her teacher said that Allie was messing with it all day but refused help.  After some encouragement from her teacher to use Righty, Allie figured it out and climbed the ladder!  

Another teacher showed us a bunch of photos that she took of Allie's climb.  I can't wait to post them when we got them.

On the way home, we asked Allie how her day was.  Her response:  "Allie climb!"

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