Tuesday, September 10, 2013

39 Months?!?!

"Doh!  You mean I wasn't supposed to do well on that test?"

Allie is starting her transition testing to see what services she'll qualify for after she turns three.  She had part of her occupational therapy evaluation that measures fine motor skills today.  This is only part of the larger OT evaluation, which includes bimanual skills (like picking up big objects, stringing beads, and maneuvering two-handed toys) and self help skills (like putting on a jacket, pulling her pants up and down, and washing her hands).

The fine motor test today focused mostly on stuff that she can do with just her left hand.  It involved drawing lots of different pictures (lines, circles, boxes, faces, Xs), stacking blocks in different ways, and unwrapping a little doll rolled up in paper like a present.  At the end of the test, the OT scored her and reported that she's coming in at a 39 month-old level.  For those of you keeping track, she's just shy of 31 months.  This is a great score.

It's definitely a mixed blessings because we obviously want her to do well and not need OT but, if she scores well, there is a chance she won't continue to get therapy through our county's early intervention program.  This is only part of the OT picture because there is a lot that Allie can't do; it's just hard to capture it on a test because she's so good at using her left hand for everything.

We're continuing the testing next week for OT, PT, and Speech.  We'll see where she falls when all of that is done.

Hooray for lefty doing such a great job with fine motor!

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  1. She sure know how to keep us on the edge of our seats! What next from her???? 39 month score is awesome.