Friday, August 16, 2013

Farewell Friends

Until we meet again...

It was Allie's last day of her school year today and her best friend Minna will not be returning.  Minna is the spunkiest little kid I know and I can see why Allie adores her so much.  She always has fun things to say and is always planning activities for Allie and her.  Sometimes I see them on the playground just holding hands.

Minna's name has become synonymous with going to school; Allie refers to school as "Minna Wolf", a compilation of her two dear friends.  In the morning when I ask her if she had any dreams, Minna is always in them.  (Dream Allie and Dream Minna are usually climbing trees or conning Jonathan into driving them around in the car.)

I don't think Allie understands that she's not going to see Minna much anymore, which is probably why the sight of their farewell group hug made me teary.  I hope we have many playdates in our future.

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