Saturday, August 24, 2013

Developmental Pediatrician and A NEW BED

Allie had her second meeting with the developmental pediatrician and it was wonderful.  She is still totally on track ("at or above age level") for her cognitive development.  She did wonderfully on all of her tests and still likes her doctor.  He even let him measure her head, which no doctor has been able to do since she had the ability to protest about it.

Allie was happy because she had Papa there to show off for.

We're still keeping an eye on her speech and doing all the same things for PT and OT.  He strongly supports Allie staying in her current daycare instead of transitioning to a specialized county-run preschool, which is an option once her early intervention ends at 3 years old.  Her PT/case manager doesn't think the developmental preschool is a good idea nor do we, but it's nice to hear it from someone else.

We got to talk about some normal developmental stuff too, such as potty training and moving to a big girl bed.  We're still teetering on the potty training but Jonathan and I sprung for the bed today.  Jonathan set it up right before bedtime and she could not wait for it to be finished.  She showed me every screw that Dada put in; she clearly was very impressed.  Our plan was to put it in her room so she could get used to it.  To our surprise, she wanted to sleep in it tonight.  She climbed into bed, said "no night-night" while waving away at her crib and pointed to her new bed, nodding and said "yeah, night-night".

After a brief bedtime routine exploration (she brought about a dozen books and her potty into bed with her), she got tucked in and fell asleep.  It was amazing.  Jonathan and I feel like we have such a big girl!

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