Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arm vs. Leg

I never thought I would be saying this but I think I'm more concerned about Allie's right leg than I am about her right arm.

She has been doing so well with Righty; she's making more progress than we ever thought possible.  This morning, I told her to wash off the chalk board with Righty and she just did it.  At one point she dropped the towel and just picked it up with Righty and kept on washing.  She then had to put away her legos and she picked each one up with Righty and put them in their drawer without so much as a protest.

But, while her arm seems to be getting better and better, her leg seems to be interfering more and more.  Her run is staggered and her slight limp is getting more pronounced.

I really am not a fan of bracing her leg, although that may be short sighted.  I've heard stories of how braces help kids walk better but they further weaken muscles that need to be strengthened.  But, bracing could prevent some future problems caused by an uneven gait.

Botox is seeming more like something I want to try.  But, I think the big thing we need to do is find more leg-centric activities that she enjoys.  We're in kind of a PT rut.  She's figured out her own modified way of doing most of the activities that we are pushing.  We want her to continue to be adaptive and creative about how problem solves, but sometimes she's too creative for us!

We've thought about adding more PT to her schedule but we don't want her to get over therapized.  Maybe it's time to start signing her up for sports so she can get a workout while playing with her peers.  Time to look into her next swim session and maybe find a gymnastics class for her to try.

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  1. I wish this could all be easier for you. There is always something new to pay attention to and you and Jonathan try so hard to be sure nothing is overlooked. Life is a moving target with her but you continue to keep up. Good job! Tell Allie her Gama loves her.