Monday, July 8, 2013

Poster Child

When Allie was wrapping up her second round of constraint therapy at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore, one of her therapists approached us about potentially featuring her in the KKI calendar that they send to donors every year.  This calendar features twelve “inspiring stories” of kids who have flourished because of the care they received at KKI.  The 2012 features totally made me tear up. 

I am so proud of Allie and all that she has accomplished.  As I read stories of these other kids---these other families---that have gone through the same uncertainty that we went through, it really makes me pause and realize how lucky we are.  Back in October of 2011 when Allie was first diagnosed, we had no idea what she would be able to do.  I never thought that she'd be doing as well as she is and I really think we have this KKI program to credit for some of it.

One of the calendar people called me a few weeks ago to do an interview and talk about Allie.  Their photographer got in touch with me today to arrange a photo shoot for Allie at the Baltimore aquarium, which we will likely do this Thursday.

She's a star.  I can't wait to read her story.


  1. I'm going to need a few of those calendars! No surprise that Allie, you and Jonathan would provide inspiration to those on and just starting the same path. Congratulations!

  2. Very exciting!!! Can't wait to read her story! See you all soon!