Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More School for Allie

Allie starts in her new classroom at school in late August and we are so excited.  Her current class is wonderful but she's moving on to a bigger classroom with more kids and she'll be there an extra day per week!

On Monday, Jonathan and I got offered a full-time spot instead of our planned upon 3-day per week slot.  We had asked about our options a few weeks ago because Jonathan changed jobs and we weren't sure if his new position was going to be as flexible as his old one.  We knew Allie would love hanging out with her friends more, but were worried about how we would fit in all her therapy and doctors appointments if we switched to full-time.  We went back to the school's director and asked for a 4-day a week slot and were thrilled when they said yes!  I can't tell you how much I love this school; they have gone above and beyond to make everything work for us.

So, starting late-August, Allie will be there Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  We currently have her in-home and Children's OTs scheduled for Tuesdays and her PT and Speech are at home on Thursday mornings.  The Speech is every other week and we may try to have it at the school so her teachers can see what we're working on.  Our PT is first thing in the morning on Thursdays and we haven't decided if we want to move it (maybe to Tuesday afternoons), do it at the school, or just bring her a little late on Thursdays.  We will figure it out.

The class transition process this year has been much less anxiety provoking than it was for me last year.  At this time last year, we were still on edge about Allie's seizures, she wasn't walking, wasn't using Righty much, and was receiving special instruction on cognitive play therapy though our county.  Looking back, I was a mess!  Before she started in the new classroom, Jonathan and I meet with her teachers (mentioned here) and I remember leaving and thinking "yep, we definitely freaked them out."  We probably will have another one of those meeting with her new teachers just to make sure they know of her history with seizures and her physical challenges, but I hope we don't scare them nearly as much as we did last year.  This past year has done us all good.

We have also started talking about transitioning out of our county's early intervention program, which currently provides our in-home OT, PT, and Speech.  The program only formally applies until Allie is three years old, after which Allie has the option of going to a specialty preschool (a school with half physically disabled kids in her case) or extending some services in the in-home model that we've grown accustomed to.  Allie's PT is our coordinator suggested that we continue with the in-home model because Allie already has a school environment with typical kids that she is thriving in, but has warned that some of our services may not carry over.  She said that it seems unlikely that Allie will continue to qualify for speech, she is on the cusp for PT, and some OTs would argue that she shouldn't qualify for OT because she can do most of the "age appropriate" things (taking off lids, stringing beads, etc.) without using much of her right hand.  It seems silly to say that OT isn't needed when a kid can't use her right hand for much, but luckily we don't think our current OT has this outlook.  Our mean old OT, however, did.

We have our next developmental pediatrician appointment in a couple weeks and I'm excited to see how it goes.  The last one went so well that I'm trying not to set myself up for disappointment.  Luckily, Allie's Papa will be here then and she thinks everything is better when Papa is around.

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  1. The incredible, amazing Allie! What a difference a year makes. Gama