Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mikko Visiting

My wonderful brother Mikko is in town visiting for two weeks and Allie is celebrating by being sick.

She was thrilled to see him when he got in on Saturday night.  She gave him a quick high-five and proceeded to stare at him the entire rest of the night.

Allie basically wants to be him.  She sees that he's drinking milk so she wants milk.  He took a bite of dinner so she'll take a bite of dinner.  Every time Mikko would look over at his parrot, she would stop what she was doing, tilt her head to the side and give him the biggest smile she could muster.  He read her a couple stories and she was off to bed, happy as could be.

The next morning, however, she woke up with a totally out of the blue 102 degree fever.  Nothing else was discernibly wrong so she just took it easy all day.

Mikko read her books in our bed.

She watched her two favorite Baby Einstein videos, Baby McDonald and Numbers Nursery, over and over again while sprawled out on our couch with her stuffed bunny Baby, our cat Maisie, a blanket, and her "sick pillow".  The "sick pillow" is a Jonathan childhood staple.  Every time he would get sick, his mom would set him up on the couch with his "sick pillow".  He was devastated as an adult to discover that the "sick pillow" was just a normal pillow from his bed with a new pillowcase.  Trickery!

Towards the end of Sunday, she started telling me that her throat hurt (rather, she was saying "chin owie" but rubbing her upper throat---how cool is it that she can tell us where it hurts?!?!).  Mikko did a great job of keeping her entertained between errands that he and Jonathan were running.

She woke up fever-less and mostly fine seeming on Monday but she had to stay home from school anyway because she had a fever within 24 hours.  Much more screen time ensued.  She watched McDonald and Numbers over and over again until I could not take them anylonger.  We went down to the basement to watch Thomas the Train for her first time and she was literally on the edge of her seat.  During one of the episodes, there was a boulder rolling down the train tracks and she started yelling "Oh no, choo choo!  Oh no!"

She seemed exhausted after all the boulder excitement.  I love how Maisie the cat follows Allie around these days.  They still seem mutually distrusting of each other but they sure do like one another's company.

Allie seemed mostly fine today and she's spending some time with Abby while Jonathan and I catch up on work.  Of course, I'm blogging right now instead of working, so maybe this isn't working so well.

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