Thursday, July 25, 2013

California Trip

Allie and I both had a fun and busy week in California.  Here is a quick photo rundown.

She was much calmer on the flights out than I expected her to be:

Chilling with Baby on the flight out
It was fun to see her playing in all the places I played when I was little.  This is at my grandma's house and I used to love to climb that tree next to her.

She also enjoyed relaxing in the shade with my grandma during our BBQ:

Allie got a lot of water-play in:

"Thanks for blowing this up, Mimi!"

She even got to play at a new splash park:

And Hannah and Mikko did such a great job babysitting her.  She really loves them:

They even made an Allie table where she could eat and play as she pleased:

"Snacks and trains!  What more could a girl want?"

We also got to spend a lot of time with the rest of our family but I wasn't very good about taking pictures.

On the way home, she made fast friends with the girl sitting in front of us on the plane.  They were busy comparing snacks and Babies, which gave the other mom and me a nice break.

"You like cheese?!?  I like cheese!"
When she was sitting with me on the plane, flipping between these two pictures kept her very entertained.

"Where's Allie?"

 I'm very glad that we got a chance to visit.  

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