Friday, June 7, 2013

Vision Update and a New Friend

Allie had a vision therapy evaluation on Tuesday and I am happy to report that she is NOT in need of vision therapy.  Hooray!  The therapist also suspects a visual field cut because Allie turns her head to look to the right but glances with her eyes to the left.  But, she thinks that Allie is compensating well enough on her own and seems to be doing all the things that vision therapy would help her do.

Most of the evaluation consisted of Allie putting together puzzles and coloring.  The therapist was thrilled with how well Allie puts together puzzles (“well above what is expected for her age”). 

Yesterday, we went to the park to meet a new friend who uses the same occupational therapist that Allie does.  The other girl is weak on her left side, which is the opposite of Allie.  This makes for good hand holding. 

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