Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day at the Beach!

Allie, Jonathan, and I started our week-long beach vacation yesterday and so far it is great.  We stayed in a different house from last year because our friends Steve and Rosemary and their two kids are staying with us too and we needed more room.  The last house was cool but this house is perfect!  Jonathan picked the house and coordinated everything; he did a great job.

We got in late-morning yesterday and Allie took off to explore the house.  The owners must have young kids or grandkids because there are toys everywhere.  Piles of kids' books and baskets of toys in all the rooms.  There is even a big playroom for the older kids with a mini-air hockey table.  Allie's favorite so far is a big wagon filled with toddler sized legos.  She keeps dragging it to different rooms to see where she likes it best.  

After lunch and a nap, we walked to the beach and Allie did a great job of walking in the sand.  Her PT said that she should get as much beach walking in as possible because it is really good exercise.  

I took this video and I think she thought I was taking photos of her because of all of her "Cheese!" attempts at the end.

Jonathan and Allie took a father-daughter trip to the coffee shop for some lattes, freshly roasted coffee beans, and pastries while the rest of us wake up.  Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband, my dad, Jonathan's dad, and all the other fathers out there! 

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