Thursday, June 27, 2013

Allie Loves Her Friends

Allie had fun at the beach but she really, really missed her friends.

On Monday, Allie had a nice long day at school and when I picked her up later than usual, she was still in the sand box with a few friends.    She saw me coming and quickly turned around and pretended not to notice me.  I went to greet her and she was cordial towards me but made it clear that she had no intention of getting out of the box.  I gave her a few minutes and she still wasn't budging.  It got to the point when I had to pick up and carry a screaming and crying kid off of the playground.

On Tuesday she was with her BFF Abby all day.  When she was going to bed that night, she looked me straight in the eye and said "More Minna and Wolf.  No Abby."  She still loves her Abby, but it's hard to compete with a room full of two year olds.

Yesterday, she was sufficiently pleased with her long day at school but today she was devastated to have to spend the day with me.  She stood in the kitchen begging and pleading to go see Minna and Wolf.  She even started to negotiate different ways to get herself to school: "Choo-choo!" (train)  "Walk!"  "Caaaarrrr!" "More Minna and Wolf!"  I tried to reason with her that we were going to go to the splash park with her other classmate Maddox and not even that would do it.

I do love that she is so independent but sometimes I'd like her to like me too!

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  1. Long after Minna, Wolf and Maddox are pleasant childhood memories, you'll still be there!