Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tea Time

Saturday morning tea with Allie, her stuffed dog, rubber ducky, and mama.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Allie Loves Her Friends

Allie had fun at the beach but she really, really missed her friends.

On Monday, Allie had a nice long day at school and when I picked her up later than usual, she was still in the sand box with a few friends.    She saw me coming and quickly turned around and pretended not to notice me.  I went to greet her and she was cordial towards me but made it clear that she had no intention of getting out of the box.  I gave her a few minutes and she still wasn't budging.  It got to the point when I had to pick up and carry a screaming and crying kid off of the playground.

On Tuesday she was with her BFF Abby all day.  When she was going to bed that night, she looked me straight in the eye and said "More Minna and Wolf.  No Abby."  She still loves her Abby, but it's hard to compete with a room full of two year olds.

Yesterday, she was sufficiently pleased with her long day at school but today she was devastated to have to spend the day with me.  She stood in the kitchen begging and pleading to go see Minna and Wolf.  She even started to negotiate different ways to get herself to school: "Choo-choo!" (train)  "Walk!"  "Caaaarrrr!" "More Minna and Wolf!"  I tried to reason with her that we were going to go to the splash park with her other classmate Maddox and not even that would do it.

I do love that she is so independent but sometimes I'd like her to like me too!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beach Fun

We've been having a great time at the beach.  Here are some of my favorite photos so far.

Allie and Savannah.
Savannah and Spencer dragged Allie around the beach
on their body boards and she loved it.

Allie and Mama at lunch.

Spencer, Savannah, and Allie playing on the beach.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day at the Beach!

Allie, Jonathan, and I started our week-long beach vacation yesterday and so far it is great.  We stayed in a different house from last year because our friends Steve and Rosemary and their two kids are staying with us too and we needed more room.  The last house was cool but this house is perfect!  Jonathan picked the house and coordinated everything; he did a great job.

We got in late-morning yesterday and Allie took off to explore the house.  The owners must have young kids or grandkids because there are toys everywhere.  Piles of kids' books and baskets of toys in all the rooms.  There is even a big playroom for the older kids with a mini-air hockey table.  Allie's favorite so far is a big wagon filled with toddler sized legos.  She keeps dragging it to different rooms to see where she likes it best.  

After lunch and a nap, we walked to the beach and Allie did a great job of walking in the sand.  Her PT said that she should get as much beach walking in as possible because it is really good exercise.  

I took this video and I think she thought I was taking photos of her because of all of her "Cheese!" attempts at the end.

Jonathan and Allie took a father-daughter trip to the coffee shop for some lattes, freshly roasted coffee beans, and pastries while the rest of us wake up.  Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband, my dad, Jonathan's dad, and all the other fathers out there! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Vision Update and a New Friend

Allie had a vision therapy evaluation on Tuesday and I am happy to report that she is NOT in need of vision therapy.  Hooray!  The therapist also suspects a visual field cut because Allie turns her head to look to the right but glances with her eyes to the left.  But, she thinks that Allie is compensating well enough on her own and seems to be doing all the things that vision therapy would help her do.

Most of the evaluation consisted of Allie putting together puzzles and coloring.  The therapist was thrilled with how well Allie puts together puzzles (“well above what is expected for her age”). 

Yesterday, we went to the park to meet a new friend who uses the same occupational therapist that Allie does.  The other girl is weak on her left side, which is the opposite of Allie.  This makes for good hand holding. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Therapy Load Increased

Before I tell you about the new therapies that Allie will be getting, let me tell you how fantastic Jonathan has been this past month. I was traveling for work for half of May and Jonathan seamlessly picked up all of the slack and took wonderful care of Allie.  Thank you Jonathan! 

OK, now to the therapies.  We have been watching Allie's speech development since she was diagnosed because her stroke wiped out what would have been the speech center in a typical adult's brain.  She has received a few formal evaluations and has scored well enough on them to keep her from qualifying for speech therapy.  Last week, Allie had another evaluation and she is still scoring well with the number of words that she knows and says, but... her articulation is not great.  She will be receiving twice monthly speech therapy from now on to try to make her more intelligible   

Another issue that we've been keeping an eye on (pun intended) is her vision. Her ophthalmologist suspects that Allie has a visual field cut that makes it hard for her to see to her right side.  But, Allie is too young to do any of the tests to confirm it so she told us to encourage her to look at things to her right side and seek out a vision therapist if we start noticing any real neglect of her right side.  We haven't seen many instances of Allie ignoring something on her right but her occupational therapist noticed a few small things so she flagged us for a vision therapy evaluation.  I'm still not sure exactly what a vision therapist does, but our formal evaluation is this Tuesday and we will know more then.

So much for our easy therapy schedule.

Aside from therapy, summer is in full swing and Allie is loving it.  There is a splash park within walking distance from our house and Allie thinks it is the best.     

It is fun to watch her play with the other kids.  She makes friends quickly and is happy to run around our town square playing with them.  Last week, she met a girl who was almost exactly the same age and was holding a plastic toy cow.  Allie walked up to her and must have complimented the cow because the girl ran to her mom, got a toy pony for Allie, and the two of them started having pony and horse races around a big square bench.  They played until the girl had to go and then Allie and I headed home shortly afterwards for dinner.  

I'm looking forward to a summer full of pool trips, outdoor activities, and a week at the beach.